Class in Every Cup: Sydney Tea's Earl Grey

Earl Grey Tea - Sydney Tea 

Nobility and class

For those in the market for a really stellar selection of Earl Grey, Sydney Tea has got what you are looking for. But let's start off with what exactly Earl Grey is. Let's see this amazing tea from its origins to today and also get a peak at some of black tea's stupendous health enhancing effects.

Healthy Black Tea

It may be helpful to start with some handy health benefits of enjoying black tea in general. Black tea is the oxidised leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to make green and Oolong tea. Black tea has a score of beneficial attributes to it. For starters, black tea is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols. These help to combat free radicals which can cause cell damage in our bodies. They also help to promote general health and keep us looking younger. Black tea has been found to help mitigate "bad" cholesterol and can potentially guard our bodies from heart disease. Black tea has a liberal dosage of caffeine, too. The caffeine in black tea of course helps to keep us awake and alert, but can also enhance our physical performance and possibly even boost metabolism. Have no fear of jitters with black tea, however, as the amino acid L-theanine is present in black tea. L-theanine helps to curb and decrease the negative effects of caffeine such as jitters and anxiety.

The Origins of Earl Grey

Just like General Tso's Chicken, Earl Grey was a real historic person. Charles Grey, an English noble who lived from 1764-1845 was the historic Earl Grey. In English nobility, "Earl" is a relatively high-ranking aristocratic title. The real Charles Grey had an interesting political career, including passing the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833. As to why they named this particular type of tea after him? It is hard to say, there are many apocryphal stories about this connection as well as the origins of Earl Grey tea itself.

Tales abound as to how the tea and the man became conflated. Some say a Chinese mandarin, which were a class of scholar-bureaucrats, was visiting Grey at his home in England. The mandarin, wanting to treat his host with a brewing of fine black tea found the mineral water at the Earl's home unpleasant and masked the taste using bergamot. An alternative story says a shipment of black tea from China was sent alongside a shipment of bergamot. Bergamot, being a highly aromatic citrus fruit that can be found in Italy and the South of France. The black tea's receptive properties absorbed the aroma and flavors of the bergamot as they travelled side by side and the resulting flavor was a hit. Some variations say the tea and fruit were sent as gifts for Charles Grey. Whichever story is the real one may never be fully known. But chances are the stories were meant to explain an old and proven method of tea preparation from China, infusion. Infusing tea leaves with flavors and aromas from other fruits, plants or ingredients goes back a long time in China, especially in Fujian province, known for Jasmine tea and other infusions. But for those looking a bit more locally for their tea needs, Sydney Tea has a world-famous catalogue of tea infusions, too.

A Premium Earl Grey

Our tea specialists at Sydney Tea have done it again, this time with some premium Earl Grey. This tea is FBOP grade and certified organic. An exquisite black tea as the core ingredient sourced from Sri Lanka. Sydney Tea's Premium organic Earl Grey tea is hand blended and puts on a real show of flavor, aroma and character. The sweet, floral and citrus palette of bergamot oil harmoniously blended with the full body and malty palette of Sri Lankan black tea. This tea is great because its good any which way you want to brew it. With lemon? Zesty! With milk? Savoury and full! With some honey? Sweet and aromatic! To purchase, click here.

Organic Earl Grey (Premium) - Sydney Tea

Say Bonjour To this French Earl Grey!

 Earl Grey from across the English Channel?! Blasphemy! But, not, for real! This new French Earl Grey courtesy of Sydney Tea and our tea specialists is amazing. Usually when it comes to France and caffeine our first instinct is black coffee. But this French Ear Grey is easily a rival to that classic French caffeinated staple, and for good reason. The diverse ingredients make up a Claude Monet-esque palette of aromas, colours and flavors, just dying for you to give it a try! To purchase, click here.

Organic French Earl Grey - Sydney Tea

Sydney Tea's Earl Grey, organic and inspiring

Our tea specialists at Sydney Tea do a great job taking this old classic, Earl Grey, and giving it our own spin. The Premium Organic Earl Grey has got zest, spice and  that deep, malty black tea taste It can even be used to garnish desserts. Let it embellish your next crème brulee or favourite baked good. And Sydney Tea's French Earl Grey? c'est parfait!