Welcome to Sydney Tea, The Loose Leaf Tea Specialists!

A lot of people have asked us over the last year: Why did you start Sydney Tea? This is a good question, and we’d like to break it down into a few smaller answers.

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We are committed to providing 100% natural loose leaf tea in a very unique way. Our team of tea specialists ensure that our products are uniquely sourced from around the world.

We take great care in sourcing only the finest teas from the countries in which these teas are originally from, straight from the tea plantations. We ensure that all our leaves are carefully sourced, chosen, and have undergone a series of quality testing before they are packaged for sale.

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All of Sydney Tea’s tea is ORGANIC! It is free of all artificial colours and flavours, and we have great pride in offering the highest quality loose leaf tea. Our mission is to provide all tea lovers with a superior loose leaf tea experience.

When you try our tea, you will taste the difference! The same cant be said about other loose leaf tea companies. One of the biggest tea companies in Australia (which we will not name), have artificial colours and flavours in their loose leaf tea. It is quite hard to see when browsing their sites, and they do a good job at covering at up.

At Sydney Tea, we pride ourselves on our organic ingredients and proudly let everyone see.

Australian Breakfast Tea (Herbal Tea)

Place or origin

At Sydney Tea, the whole focus is about the tea itself and its origin. We source our organic peppermint tea from Egypt, our black teas from India, our green and white teas from China, and our rooibos tea from South Africa. 

Often, larger tea companies don't reveal the origins of their loose leaf tea, and there is no guarantee that the tea is coming from the best source.

Loose Leaf Tea


What makes us special is that we provide friendly, personalised, customer service, and we aim to make your tea buying experience as smooth and enjoyable as the tea itself.

We are always here to explain the difference between loose leaf tea grades, assist with flavour selection and much much more.

Check out our FAQs page to learn more about our products, and don't forget to browse our selection of teas. 

Keep an eye on this blog for news, information, recipes, blends and our ever growing list of organic loose leaf teas.