How do I talk to customer service?

Our customer service team are always here to help! Reach them via email at info@sydneytea.com.au.


Can I sell Sydney Tea in my business?

Of course! Email us at info@sydneytea.com.au and one of our tea guru’s will get back to you.


Where do you source your tea?

From all corners of the globe, such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Australia and Africa.

How do I know that Sydney Tea has the best quality and safe products?

All of our teas are sourced from the world’s leading providers, so we guarantee that they are the best quality and safe to consume.

How long does your tea stay fresh?

The tea will stay fresh for a considerable amount of time, assuming the tea is correctly stored and cared for. We recommend keeping the tea in our packaging to keep it away from the air. You can put the tea in a zip lock type of bag to keep it airtight. The tea will remain fresh if kept in either of these types of packaging and under 18 degrees Celsius (in a cool, dark environment).

The tea will taste the best when consumed within 1-3 months of opening. Unopened bags/containers should last for around a year. Flavoured and herbal teas don’t store well for long periods of time, given their nature.

What is the brewing temperature and time for teas?
Tea Type Water Temp C Steep Time
White 65-70 1-2 mins
Green 75-80 2-4 mins
Oolong 80-85 2-5 mins
Black 99 3-5 mins
Herbal 99 3-6 mins
How should I store my tea?

You should store the tea in either our packaging, a zip lock bag or a container and under 18 degrees Celsius (in a cool, dark environment). Do not expose the tea to sunlight and do not place in the fridge or freezer.


When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of it being ordered (stock permitting). Shipping is either standard or express and this might alter the date you will receive your tea. If you require the tea urgently, choose the express postage option upon checkout.

How much does shipping cost?

This depends on the weight of the tea bought, as well as how quickly you require the tea. Shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout, with the option of express postage. There is free standard shipping for orders over $50 (within Australia).

Does Sydney Tea ship overseas?

We do indeed! We ship worldwide! Shipping costs are calculated according to your shipping address upon checkout.


What is Sydney Tea’s order cancelation/goods return policy?

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. We do not issue refunds or accept goods in return.

If there is an issue with your order, such as the wrong tea or weight sent, please let us know within five (5) days of receiving your tea and we will correct this for you with no cost to you.

What if I’m not happy with the quality of the tea of the taste?

We pride ourselves on keeping our tea drinkers happy, so if there’s any issue with the quality or the taste of the tea, please email us and let us know. We promise we will fix it up!